The annual dinner at JM Beijing courtyard

Beijing, as the cultural and politics center of China, is one of the most famous modern city in the world, but the soul of ancient culture is always rooted in this city. A courtyard in Beijing is a symbol of both fame and wealth. This year JM China has got its own courtyard in Beijing.

February 4th, another Chinese new year for JM China. This year JM China holds a high class spring festival dinner for our top management team and Chinese outstanding leaders at Beijing.  

Joe Zhou, chairman of JM, together with Chinese distributors’ representatives and management team of JM  China participated in this brilliant evening dinner.

This is a night of brilliance and a night of full Chinese elements. We always say JM is a big family, but here at our own courtyard in Beijing, this is a place where our home locates, a place our dream rests and a place for all JM family.